Find the Perfect Deli and Bakery for Your Party

Find the Perfect Deli and Bakery for Your Party

We know that sometimes it’s impossible to organize a party in a very short amount of time because you have to pay attention to several things at once. However, there’s always a solution. You don’t have to call in a professional catering company because you could find a great deli and bakery shop that can provide you with everything that you need and also in time.

For this, however, you’ve got to do a little research, so let’s see how you can find and choose a great deli and bakery shop for your party.

Ask Your Friends

You can always ask around your friends and family members if they know a great deli and bakery shop. Everyone shops from somewhere for freshly baked bread and delicatessen, so if they have a favorite store, you might get great recommendations.

If you happen to hear the name of the same shop from several people, then you can be sure that those are worth visiting or at least you could try them out and see what they are offering.

Look Online

Because every business has moved to the online environment, you will certainly find several deli and bakery websites in your area. Make a list of the shops that you have found, and check out the details on their website. To see if they are worth visiting or not, take a look at the last date when they have posted online. If the site contains old posts, then it’s not worth your time – the shop might be closed, or the business might be abandoned. It will not help you at all, so you need to take a look at other websites.

Take their contact information – the address is critical because you need to be able to localize them in case you want to order from them.

Make Contact

Once you’ve found out the address of several delis and bakery shops, you could go and check their physical locations. A great store needs to be clean, and the products need to look fresh. You can ask them to give you some of their products to taste – you’ll see if you like them and if you can make unique combinations.

It’s a great way to interact with the sellers and even the owners and see how they feel about preparing trays for parties. If they don’t let you taste their products, they might have something to hide, or they’re not willing to help you out.

See the Prices

As it usually happens, different shops have different prices, so this won’t be any different with the deli and bakery shops. You could check the prices for their products online, but you could also check them out when you reach their physical location. It will give you an idea about the whole list of products and the quality of their offerings.

Make the choice not according to the price, but according to the quality, because you could find a cheaper product that is better and tastier than a more expensive product.

The Trays

When you decide on a particular deli and bakery shop, make the choices that you want to have. They could prepare different plates for you with various products, or they could make several dishes with a mixture of goods on each of them. This will be up to you to decide because it’s your event and you are the one who knows best what you need. You can also take into consideration their offer – usually, you can make a pick from several trays, from smaller to larger ones, and they come with recommendations for a certain number of persons for each tray.